Jesus, Kris Kringle, and a Snowball Fight

I was not a good photographer this weekend. Actually, I’m never that great of a photographer. Back in my marketing days I was great at telling you what photos I needed, by capturing them myself was not my forte. So thanks for reading my little posts even with bad light, angles, aperture, zoom, flash, camera words.

Anyway, too much fun was happening to stop and take pictures! I try to remember!

Saturday mornings are always tumbling, so J was for jumping. Afterward was a beautiful time of learning the Christmas story and acting it out with our Little People Nativity. E asked precious questions about baby Jesus being born in the stable, and declared that Mary loved her tiny child over and over, a quote from one of her favorite books. Then she decided Jesus needed to play soccer with her. I think Jesus would be all in.

Writing went well, too. It was the only writing picture I got the past couple days–oops!

J was also for Aunt Jenni, my college roommate and one of E’s favorite humans. Mama had a girls night out, and I have to say that I can tell I’ve grown into an adult because I had the foresight to save my last taco from my Taco Bell Big Box for after we hit up my favorite brewery. #personalgrowth

Kris Kringle was the subject of our K discussions, and E got to see Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town. She enjoyed and actually watched most of it! We did not do a structured educational activity about Santa, because some days we just don’t. We did get to bake cutouts with friends! It was only 20% dough eating, 80% cookie cutting and I call that a win.

In the evening, E and I did a super fun craft together in preparation for our Let It Snow day! I took $1.97 white kids microfiber tights from Walmart, and had E stuff a couple handfuls of polyfill in the toe. Then I sewed two rows of stitches 1/4″ apart to close the polyfill in, and cut between the rows so it was like there was a new toe to stuff each time.

Voilà! Snowballs that are safe to chuck at each other and household objects with minimal damage!! I got this idea from a music class we used to regularly attend. Yes, I realize they are not a classic ball shape, but E didn’t seem to mind 😊❤️

During L day we had a fantastic play date with friends that included alphabet puzzles, Little People, and a pretty spectacular version of Jingle Bells sung by three toddlers accompanying themselves with bells and a tambourine.

We of course had to listen to, “Let It Snow.” E and I had several snowball fights throughout the day, and she made “snowball soup,” mentioned in one of her Little Critter books. This consists of snowballs in a pan and pretending to feed them to various stuffies.

I can’t recommend the indoor snowballs enough. We had so much fun making them together and even more fun throwing them at each other.

Now excuse me while I get some rest. I have a big day of baking and dancing to *NSYNC tomorrow.


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