First Finished WIP of 2017

Receiving surprise tickets to Garth Brooks, realizing your toddler has allowed you to sleep for a solid number of hours and finishing a work in progress that’s been a long time coming…I think those are three of my favorite feelings. Today’s cheerfulness is brought to you by the latter.

The denim and flannel quilt in question was a project for a friend. Her stepfather passed and I turned his many, many pairs of jeans into a queen-sized bed quilt. It was a beautiful project to bring to life and I am so thrilled it turned out how they envisioned. Each pair of jeans is represented throughout.

I think it weighs 1,000 lbs. Approximately.


Now, if you’re familiar with rag quilts I’m sure you know that washing and drying them achieves that awesome frayed look with a cool, laid-back vibe. What people don’t advertise is that they look like a HOT MESS after the first few rounds. Don’t cry when after the fourth dry cycle, your somewhat damp quilt looks like this:


A hair cut with some spring-action snips will make everything better. I swear. My recommendation is to do this particular task with some wine and a movie because it can be a bit tedious. Then again, my recommendations for pretty much everything is to do it with wine and a movie, so you do you.


(I’m sure you photographers want to know what I’m shooting with to achieve such a professional photo. It’s the rose gold iPhone that’s not the huge one that doesn’t fit in your pocket…second newest? I think? What number are they on now, iPhone 19?)

After more use, love and fraying, this guy is gonna be perfect. The best part about rag quilts is that I’m pretty sure they can last forever, and washing and drying just makes them cozier.

Next project? I’m FINALLY going to make Ella a car seat poncho with the Ninja Turtle fleece she picked out. If she ever lets it go.




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