Today was the last day of holiday break for hubby and we spent it doing exciting things like errands, housecleaning (as seen in this depiction of child labor) and grocery shopping. 

Ella received a gift card for Christmas and we used it today on one of our stops to get her one of those toy lanterns which doubles as a star projector on the ceiling. She loves it and has made it a special part of our night time routine where we sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” approximately 100 times and then she says, “Night night stars!” and kisses the lamp. Yes, it’s as cute as it sounds. 

The purchase was a fitting theme for me today, as I’ve begun a journey into reading the Bible in a year for the first time. I’m pretty sure 99% of my Christian friends have done this before, but I have not. It was a trendy thing to do as a New Year’s resolution when I was a youth group attendee back in the late 90s/early 2000s. Don’t worry, I did have a WWJD bracelet I rocked with a DC Talk bucket hat while rapping “Supertones Strike Back,” so I didn’t miss out completely. 

Anyway, true to form, I was already a day behind by January 2nd (is that some kind of record?), so I read the Creation story through Noah. 

I have three questions from the January 1 and 2 readings that I’ve never really thought about in these familiar stories, and I’d love to know your thoughts. 

1. What is the significance of saying, “according to its kind” over and over in the Creation story? It feels redundant and whenever things feel redundant there is usually a reason. 

2. “Your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you.” This is what Eve is essentially cursed with (besides making childbirth the worst. When God gives a consequence He doesn’t hold back, does He?) but it seems strange to me. I don’t get it. Her desire shall be for her husband…is that negative? I get the “he’ll rule over you” part in the whole man-is-the-head-of-the-household portion of the Bible that comes later. The pairing of these two phrases together seems odd. Why did he say that? (Also, the feminist in me cringed when I read the word “rule,” as later in the New Testament it makes it pretty dang clear that the marriage relationship is meant to be a mutually respectful one built on love and trust. But that’s beside the point.)

3. Cain: who is he afraid of when he says whoever finds him will kill him? Aren’t he and Adam and Eve supposed to be the only people on the planet so far? I’ve always thought that the Creation story was a beautiful allegory of how God created the universe to evolve into what it is in His timing more than a literal 7 24-hour period, but this seems to be a plot hole, for lack of a better phrase. 

Thanks for any thoughts shared! I didn’t anticipate to get all religion-focused on my mommy blog, but I’m so curious to hear what people think. 


One Reply to “Stargazing”

  1. According to its kind to me means the different species of animals, birds, fish and reptiles. There would be many different animals, some to be domesticated and some wild. Some creatures walked, some crawled, some flew, and some swam, each according to how God made them.

    As far as man ruling over woman, I believe that It meant simply that woman would desire man and he would have the ultimate responsibility for the family. The NT does make it much clearer. Woman was made to complete man and man was to complete woman. Co-equal but man has greater responsibility in that he is to be the head of the home and is submit to God’s authority.

    As far as Cain is concerned, that could be a tough one but when Adam and Eve were sent from the garden they had more children. People lived a long time then and perhaps Cain married a sister. He could have been speaking of his own family going after him as he had killed a brother. Some things will never be clear until we get to heaven.

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