Highlights and Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! In an effort to document all the memories of motherhood, I decided my 2017 resolution would be to start this little blog as a place to share stories, projects, and mom stuff…likely with my own mom primarily (thanks for reading this, mom). 

These are Ella’s resolutions I’ve observed:

1. Walk to the fridge and endlessly stare at its contents. 

2. Eat lots of blueberries, tomatoes (inside juice only), and cookies. 

3. Snuggle doggie, Pooh, and baby. 

4. Diaper change free in 2017. 

5. Twirl. 

My second resolution is to spread joy. It seems 2016 was a year of great heartache for many and I hope to be a light in 2017 for those with whom I come in contact. I also hope this teaches my daughter each day to approach others with joy and kindness. In honor of that, here are wonderful things I want to remember about the past year. 

1. I had the opportunity to stay at home with my sweet daughter and enjoy each day watching her grow and develop into this precious little person with a big personality. 

2. I joined Hike It Baby–an amazing nonprofit organization focused on getting kids outside. It helped me cope with a year that started with postpartum depression and ended with great joy and friendships. 

3. I got to sew a lot and am excited to share some projects in 2017. 

4. The Cowboys went 13-2!! I’m convinced this is because my dear friend’s daughter is good luck. Thanks for procreating, guys. 

5. I saw GARTH BROOKS! And it was everything. 

Cheers to a fabulous 2017! 


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